Catch The Critters

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Fun for all the family, Catch The Critters is the one game that brings the joy and excitement of saving innocent critters to your mobile device.

With it’s challenging and progressive difficulty game play, stunning graphics designed for all iOS 7 compatibale devices, Catch the Critters is a great game for everyone wherever you are playing it.

The aim of the game is simple. Help catch as many little critters as possible, and avoid catching the evil cans of Bug Spray. Catching critters earns you points, which turn into coins at the end of every game. Use the coins to buy perks which help you in your next go, by either slowing down all the critters, giving you double points, or stopping spray cans coming. Be careful though, each perk only lasts for 10 seconds!

Download Catch The Critters now, and help save as many as you can!!