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“LoL funny sick notes. Not to be taken seriously though! Still funny.” – 5 stars (US)

“…and there’s 1 out of 5 I’ll probably use on a good ski/beach/lazy day. Thanks!” – 5 stars (US)

“This will be cool when you just don’t want to go to work!” – 5 stars (UK)

“Fab app! So funny and always handy if you need a good excuse!” – 5 stars (UK)


Ever had trouble trying to think of a reason not to do something like go to work, go to school, or meet up with someone? Well now you can generate one with iSicknote, the sick note generator!

With iSickNote you can generate random sick note messages and email them to people directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch! Simply tap the screen, or shake and there you have it – a random sick note.

Want to sign it from your Doctor? Easy – simply tap to add a name at the bottom of the sick note!

What’s different about this app is that not only can you put your own name on the sick note, but you can also send your ideas for sick notes to us, and we’ll include them in our next release along with your name! How cool is that?!

– iOS4 Compatible!
– 200+ different sicknotes!
– Tweet your sick note to your Twitter account!
– Shake to generate new sicknote!
– Create your own custom sicknote!
– Create a favourites list!
– Add a name to any of the sick notes!
– Email your sick note directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch!
– Email a screen grab of your sicknote!
– Send us your sick note ideas with your name and we’ll include them in our next release!

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